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RC Cars Under $200 for An Exciting Playtime Experience

Last Updated June 15, 2021

By  Janice Warren

Kids have never been happier than in this modern time when you can easily get them the best RC cars under $200. Remote-controlled cars have taken playing with cars to another level. Your child can now live out their dreams of driving and racing their friends way before they get their driver's license.

There are many more expensive RC cars in the market. However, we've taken the liberty of putting together a neat list of the RC cars under $200. These best RC cars are just as good as the expensive ones and will surely put a huge grin on your kid's face. High speeds, 4WD capabilities, and glow in the dark are just some of the few features that your child will get to enjoy. Let's dive in.

Best RC Cars

1. Kidzone Race Bumper Car

Kidzone Race #00-99 Kid Ride-on Bumper Car 6V Electric Power Remote Control 360 Degree Spinning Toy...
  • Get ready to spin - This all new fully rechargeable and powered fun Kidzone ride-on...
  • Amazing bumper car - With simplified joystick controls and a max speed of 0.75mph...
  • Quality & Durability - This brilliant little car is built from a tough plastic shell...
  • Safety features - ASTM-certified to this bumper car and comprise a safety belt,...
  • Easy to use - No assembly, Simply connect the battery wire and its ready to go...

Starting us off is the best RC car that will have your kid squealing with joy every time they see you. These remote control cars come in various colors and have a great 360° spin that your kid can easily control using the joystick controls. If your child has never had an electric car before, this is the best car to get them started.

Very easy to use, your kid will never have to nag you about going to the amusement park again. They can simply get into their RC car and have some nice fun. You also don't have to worry about your child going on high speed as the highest speed is 0.75 mph. This makes this RC car safe and enjoyable for your child.

The safety belt also adds a layer of safety for your child. The tough plastic shell is durable and impact-resistant. This 6V electric car has a quality soft bumper that stretches all around the car. Your 1-year old child can comfortably fit in and continue using their own RC car until they are six years old. And the best part? Your kid can still use the remote control for racing with the biggest RC car on the lot.

  • Pros
  • Durable
  • Using the lights is optional
  • Easy to use controls
  • Safe for your child
  • Has low voltage protection
  • Can be used by 1-year-olds
  • Cons
  • The remote control uses a lot of power

2. Best Choice Products Ride On Truck Car

Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On Truck Car w/Parent Remote Control, Spring Suspension, LED...
  • FOR KIDS 37 MONTHS & OLDER: This small yet powerful ride-on is perfect for your...
  • POWERFUL 12V & REALISTIC DESIGN: Adjustable seatbelt, bright LED headlights, lockable...
  • MANUAL AND PARENT CONTROL: Let your child drive manually or use the remote control to...
  • SAFE & DURABLE: Includes plastic wheels that will never deflate, plus a spring...
  • CONNECT YOUR MUSIC: A built-in AUX outlet allows kids to plug in media devices to...

These best RC cars under $200 are powerful, compact, and great for children above three years. The fun design of these RC trucks means that you can control the speed and movement of the RC truck with ease. Your child can also control the unit themselves. The simple switch in the car can also put the RC truck in reverse or forward movement as you wish.

The adjustable seatbelt inside the RC car ensures that your child is safe and sound. The doors also have a locking function to ensure that your kid stays safe no matter the high speed that the car is going. The wheels are also a great feature as they won't deflate.

The wheels are made of plastic and will last for a long time. No matter the terrain, the tires have good traction to ensure that the car doesn't skid. The bright LED headlights make the design of these cars look very real. The grid windshield makes for a great off-road style. The purchase of this RC car comes with an AUX port for MP3 hookup, a TF card slot, and a USB port.

  • Pros
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Can handle different terrains
  • Cons
  • The parental remote control steering wheel isn't very smooth

3. TOBBI Police RC Car

TOBBI 12V Kids Ride On Toys Police Car Electric with Remote Control, Real Megaphone Siren Flashing...
  • 【MULTIPUL FUNCTIONS】Ride on cop car, Real megaphone, working police lights and...
  • 【COMFORTABLE AND SAFETY】Large sitting space for your child, and added with safety...
  • 【2 MODES for PLAY】① Parent control mode: You could control the car for turning...
  • 【LONG HOURS PLAYING】 After the Car is fully charged, your child could play it...
  • 【Great GIFT】This police car is a perfect gift for your child or grandchild for...

Other cars, even the expensive models, cannot compare to these police cars under $200. This car makes even the most reserved children have fun on the playground. You can choose from the three colors and styles that this model comes in. Your child will love the authentic police features that these cars come in.

Even more pricey RC cars may have a hard time competing with this RC car with its police headlights, horn, and real rearview mirror. Your child can either climb in through the open roof or go in through the doors. Two small children can comfortably fit in these RC toys. Even children who are not so much RC enthusiasts will love this RC car.

Suitable for children from three to six years, these RC cars come with a USB input, an MP3 input, and Bluetooth connectivity. The wear-resistant wheels and independent suspension system make this RC car great for roads made of asphalt and cement. You can either let your child drive, or you can use the remote to handle the movement and speed. This way, if you are worried about the high speed, you can control it to your liking.

  • Pros
  • Unique police car design
  • Wear-resistant wheels
  • Easy to use parental remote
  • Cool LED lights
  • Has retractable wheels and handles for portability
  • Cons
  • The turn radius is a bit rough

4. RC Racing High-Speed Car

Remote Control Car, RC Racing High Speed Car,4WD All Terrains Waterproof Drift Off-Road...
  • 1:10 Scale Off-road 4WD RC Car: This remote control car is made of lightweight ABS...
  • Oil Filled Metal Shock Absorbers: Impact-resistant ABS chassis which ensuring it has...
  • Fun for Indoors or Outdoors: Using a 2.4Ghz radio control and speed reaches up to 48+...
  • Packing Contents: Top Speed RC Car x 1, Remote Controller x 1, Rechargeable Battery...
  • Designed for Any Age RC Trucks Enthusiast: This high speed RC car will be a great...

This is one of the most lightweight best RC cars under $200 you'll come across. The elastic tires are completed with oil-filled metal shocks that make this radio-controlled car a great choice for rough terrains. With great motor power, this pick has no problem crossing various obstacles with ease. The shock absorbers ensure that your battery-operated RC car doesn't get damaged from vibrations.

Sand, gravel, concrete, hard floors, and even lawns are some of the terrains this RC fun car can handle. The 4WD system also ensures that this rock crawler with the amazing shockproof system handles many terrains.

The 2.4Ghz radio control ensures that this off-road vehicle goes at top speeds that most models wouldn't reach. The top speed of this battery-operated RC car is 48 km/hr. The control range allows you to perform left, right, forward, and backward turns. The purchase of this battery-operated option comes with two batteries that are rechargeable. Your child can have 30 minutes of on-road fun when the battery is full.

  • Pros
  • Has waterproof electronics
  • Easy to handle
  • Good battery life
  • Comes with two rechargeable batteries
  • Can easily be flipped back to correct standing
  • Cons
  • Can be slow when reversing

5. Hosim Large Remote Control Truck

Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale High Speed 30MPH 4WD 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck Upgraded 9125...
  • ✅【1:10 Large Scale Size & 4 Wheels Drive 】--- 1:10 Scale big size and full...
  • 🚗【 Double 390motor & 46km/h Amazingly Fast】--- The Hosim RC Trucks equipped...
  • ✅【6 Upgraded Oil Filled Shocks & Metal Body】--- the full proportional remote...
  • 🚗【2 High Capacity 1600mAH Batteries】--- The High Speed Remote Control Cars...
  • ✅【2.4Ghz Accurate System & 2 Different Speed Mode】--- rc monster truck...

Our fifth pick is an impressive battery-operated RC monster truck that is properly designed to be an off-road RC vehicle. The large tired, 4WD, and ability to handle rugged roads make this the best RC monster truck for outdoor racing. The wheels of his top-speed monster truck feature a bouncy spring material to give it the best support to handle unexpected drops and uneven surfaces.

Your child will have a great time driving these RC monster trucks at high speeds and on rough terrains. Most RC cars cannot survive the terrains that these cars can. The stimulated shockproof system and steel structure make this battery-operated RC car able to work in tough environments. The battery life is also impressive. At full charge, your child can play with it for 30 minutes.

The purchase of these monster trucks comes with two batteries. Therefore, when the first 30 minutes elapse, all you have to do is change the batteries on this monster truck, and your kid continues playing. Off-road adventures will be your child's favorite pass time once they get their hands on this battery-operated monster truck. The control range is approximately 80m for a powerful performance and great playing time.

  • Pros
  • Good battery life
  • Comes with a battery pack
  • Has good, responsive steering
  • Comes with full-speed and half-speed modes
  • Can work on most terrains
  • Cons
  • Not suitable for beginners

Factors to Consider When Getting the Best RC Car

1. Safety

The first factor when choosing the best RC cars under $200 for your child is safe. In addition to other factors like waterproof electronics, you have to ensure that your child is safe while driving their RC car. Some of the safety features you should consider are the safety belt, the construction of the body, and the ability to use the parental remote control.

All our options above that your child can ride in have all the safety features. You can relax in the knowledge that they are safe despite them not being expensive models.

2. Speed

The RC cars under $200 that you consider come with various technologies that allow them to run at different speeds. Therefore, the choice is in your hands as to which speed you want from your remote-controlled cars.

Most of the best cars come with speed adjustments. However, if you want one where the speed is low for your child's safety, our first pick is a great option. One thing to note about maximum speed is that the faster the remote control cars go, the harder they are to control.

The terrain also matters. If you live in rough and rocky terrain, getting an RC truck would be a better option than a regular vehicle.

3. Motor

There are various types of motors to choose from. These include a brushless motor, nitro motor, and the brushed motor. The powerful motor you choose will affect the user experience and performance of your Rc cars. Electric RC cars with brushless motors are more economical in the long run because they don't necessarily need fuel to keep burning.

On the other hand, nitro motors are gas-powered and were always known to provide the best and authentic driving experience. In terms of performance, nitro motors offer a great experience. However, brushless motors have become more popular because of their low-maintenance nature and don't release any toxic fumes into the environment.

If you want your child to use their car indoors, having a brushless motor would be the best option. With most of the options we've seen today, rechargeable batteries have become a popular choice because you can use them for years.

4. Size

Size is a very important factor, especially when it comes to how old your child is. The best RC cars have sizes that are represented in scales. However, bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Some of the most popular RC cars are 1/5 and 1/8.

This scale is in regards to the size of an actual vehicle. Therefore, a 1/5th of the size of an actual vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the harder it can be to transport the vehicle. However, the good part is that larger vehicles can navigate various types of terrain at various speed modes.

Smaller models are more portable and are better for kids. Whether the car has a metal frame or a plastic frame, choosing the size that fits your child's age is also a safety factor to consider. Therefore, the size matters when it comes to the age of your child, the terrain, and what you feel is best.

5. Battery

The battery factor on this buying guide will affect the performance of your child's RC car. Ni-Mh batteries the most popular type of batteries because they are affordable and easy to use. The drawback about these types of batteries is that they are not as powerful as the Li-Po batteries.

The Li-Po battery is pricey but will give your RC car high power. This battery can make your child's car navigate through various terrains.

6. Number of Wheels

2WD cars are powered by two wheels, while 4WD cars are powered by all four wheels. The choice comes down to surfaces that your child will be playing with and the speed choices you prefer. If you are big on replacement parts, you can check if the model you want comes with spare parts or if you'll have to purchase separately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What age is an RC car for?

Children of all ages can get a good RC car. However, the minimum age that we recommend is one year. Whether the car has waterproof electronics or not, ensure that your child is old enough and mature enough to handle the RC cars under $200.

2. Are RC cars fun?

Yes. The whole point of buying an RC car for your child is for them to have a great time while playing. You will also enjoy watching your child laughing and having fun as they zoom past you. 

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