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Top 5 Best Umbrella Strollers 2021

Last Updated January 17, 2021

By  Janice Warren

From the moment parenthood, begins it doesn't take too long to realize that a great stroller is necessary. Choosing the best stroller is not exactly an easy task, however. Sure, you want a lightweight stroller, but aren't there other factors to consider? And how "light" is "lightweight," anyway? Nonetheless, you need a good way to get around with your little one, and one of the most popular variations of stroller these days is the umbrella stroller.

Short on Time? Here's our Top Pick (They Have Other Colors).

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Teal – Lightweight Stroller with Aluminum Frame, Large Seat...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier! The Summer...
  • FOR TRAVEL AND EVERYDAY – Whether you’re traveling or just on the go running...
  • 4-POSITION RECLINE - Keep your little one comfortable and safe at all times with the...
  • COMPACT FOLD – The easy compact fold with carry strap and auto lock makes it simple...
  • EXTRA STORAGE – With plenty of storage in this stroller, you won’t have to leave...

What is an umbrella stroller? Basically, the term "umbrella" refers to curved handles, like the handle of an umbrella. But, much like an umbrella, any good umbrella stroller is going to offer protection from the sun and other elements, too! Generally, the mark of good umbrella strollers is that they are sturdy but still lightweight. Umbrella stroller enthusiasts are swearing by this option, and we have to say, we agree. As far as strollers go, these lightweight, easy to fold strollers are perfect for parents and their baby.

Because we agree that these are must-have baby carriers for all parents, we decided to dig into the lightweight stroller market and see if we could parse out the best of the best. Our criteria are based on performance and functionality, cost, style, durability, and other such categories. In the end, we landed on five of the best umbrella strollers in the game.

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Best Umbrella Strollers of 2020

1) Summer Infant 3D Lite

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Teal – Lightweight Stroller with Aluminum Frame, Large Seat...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier! The Summer...
  • FOR TRAVEL AND EVERYDAY – Whether you’re traveling or just on the go running...
  • 4-POSITION RECLINE - Keep your little one comfortable and safe at all times with the...
  • COMPACT FOLD – The easy compact fold with carry strap and auto lock makes it simple...
  • EXTRA STORAGE – With plenty of storage in this stroller, you won’t have to leave...

Solidly built, lightweight, and compact-- it was difficult to choose the best of the best, but this stroller's ability to check all of our boxes and do it at a cost that will be light on most parents managed to earn this umbrella stroller top spot. The best lightweight stroller we could fold, the Summer Infant 3D lite is stylish, easy to use, and convenient in many other ways, too. Your little one will love it, as the seat inside is extremely comfortable. The parents will love it because it is a great stroller, compact and and light as you'll find in the market. It weighs about 13-pounds and can hold children up to about 50 pounds-- now, we get some questions as to how firm that limitation is, and what we can say is that if your child is just over the limit (say 55 pounds), you should be fine, but we won't guarantee it is optimal for any child over 50. Regardless, it's perfect for any baby. The seat is reclinable and cozy, the canopy is adjustable as to find that perfect balance between comfort and protection from the sun and the elements, there is a great storage basket which is large enough for bottles, blankets, toys, diapers, and other essentials, and the whole thing is extremely easy to fold and carry around. 

2) Maclaren Techno XT

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller - Lightweight, Compact
  • Basic weight: 14.5lb; Suitable for newborns and up to 55lbs
  • UPF 50+
  • A fully recline multi-position seat with extendable leg rest and Newborn Safety...
  • Self-Service Replaceable Parts Available
  • Included: premium wind-resistant rain cover, head hugger, shoulder pads and buggy ID...

If you're not on a budget, this might just be the best lightweight umbrella stroller out there. Period. Unlike the previous stroller, however, this is not exactly affordable. But, if you're among those parents who may earn enough to justify spending a lot more on gear for their little ones, and you want the best of the best for yours, this is an incredible option complete with a great storage basket, an ultra-comfortable seat, and impressively light weight, and so much more-- including the capability to be used for your newborn baby.

Again, the only reason this stroller isn't getting rewarded with the gold star from us is that it is this list's most expensive stroller. Umbrella strollers don't have to cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars... but when they do, you sure get a lot of great features. First of all, this is an extremely lightweight stroller-- it is very portable and easy to get around with. Further, the adjustability of the seat, complete with a leg rest, make this luxuriously comfortable for your baby or toddler. It is worth noting that the seat area can be adjusted to perfectly fit a newborn or a toddler of well over 55 pounds.

Among umbrella strollers, the quality of the build of the Maclaren is clearly unrivalled. But that doesn't mean it is flawless. Other than its steep price, some say it is a difficult stroller to push with one hand and others have said that the storage basket is not as large as it could be-- it definitely isn't small, but, for well over $300, you expect every feature to be as optimized as the seat is.

Parents love this umbrella stroller, but many won't want to pay this much when there are much less expensive options on the market. We understand, but we would be wrong to suggest that, were we not considering price and value per dollar, this is anything but the very best umbrella stroller in the game right now.

Considering the handles which can be adjusted to a perfect height, the seat cover which can be removed and machine-washed, and the lifetime warranty that comes along with this stroller, we can confidently say that the Maclaren Techno XT is an impressive option.

3) Cosco Umbrella Stroller

Cosco Umbrella Stroller (Monster Elliot)
  • Your child will love riding along in this fun, monster themed Cosco stroller
  • This stroller features a simple umbrella fold that's compact and stores easily in a...
  • A double foot brake provides extra safety on inclined surfaces or when moving the...
  • Designed for travel, this fun stroller is lightweight and easy to carry
  • The 3 point safety harness keeps children upto 40 pounds safe and secure, plus a...

For a fraction of the price of the Maclaren, Cosco offers something that is unmatchable affordable with a vibrant aesthetic which kids and parents both come to love. Coming it at under $30, this is an ultra-affordable option that still hits or comes close to hitting everything you want from an umbrella stroller. For example, most people prefer theirs to weigh roughly 5 pounds for the sake of portability, and Cosco's weights in at 7-- extremely lightweight. Stroller shoppers search high and low for an umbrella stroller that can fill the need for quick trips, but not require a huge monetary sacrifice... Some parents can't afford other options, and others are just looking for a casual, part-time stroller for one reason or another. As such, everything you need from a stroller is present in this option, but many of the luxuries are not. The seat does not recline, but the straps will keep your baby safe. It may not be perfect for a toddler over 55 pounds (this umbrella stroller is ideal for children 40 lbs or under), but it's great for those most in need of a stroller. It is easy to fold, convenient, and extremely light. Is it the best umbrella stroller on the market? Definitely not. But is it the best value for your dollar? A case can definitely be made for this.

If you're interested in Cosco's umbrella stroller, their strollers come in a variety of vibrant patterns with bright, jubilant colors that your children or baby will love! Like any good umbrella stroller, the handles are optimized for a good grip.

4) Kolcraft Cloud Side-by-Side Double Umbrella Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight and Compact Double Umbrella Stroller, Red/Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & MANEUVERABLE -- Weighs only 21lbs so you can travel light and nimble...
  • EASY FOLD -- Quick and compact umbrella fold for portability and easy travel. Folded...
  • EXPANDABLE CANOPY -- Expandable, independent canopies with visor extensions and rear...
  • INDEPENDENTLY RECLINING SEAT -- Convenient independently reclining seats with padded...
  • ROLL-UP SEAT BACKS – Cool climate seat backs roll-up for maximum air flow in warm...

Sometimes, your average umbrella stroller isn't enough. Especially if you're parenting twins or two babies close in age. In this case, you're going to be looking at double models, of which there are slightly fewer on the market. However, even if you aren't in this category of parent, some prefer the double stroller because you can use the extra seat next to your baby as a sort of storage basket. Now, compared to a standard umbrella stroller, this is not the most lightweight option-- nevertheless, compared to other double models of umbrella strollers, this one coming in at 21 pounds is very impressive. Not to mention, many umbrella strollers are not nearly as easy to fold. The biggest knock on this Kolcraft model is that there is no storage-- so, if you do have two babies you're pushing around, you have to have alternative arrangements for diapers, bottles, and other essential supplies (although the beverage holder for the parents is a nice touch). This is less than ideal, but it is worth noting that even though this is not the best of the double umbrella strollers on the market, it is likely the most cost-effective. It is rare to find such a solid double stroller for around $100, which is precisely one of the more persuasive selling points of this stroller.

5) UPPAbaby G-Lite

UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller, Jake (Black)
  • 2017 G-LITE model
  • Hand-level folding triggers - no foot action required
  • Extendable SPF 50+ sunshade
  • Stands when folded - convenient carry strap
  • removable cup holder included

If your standard for "best umbrella stroller" is one which values things like weight and portability, this extremely lightweight and easy to carry umbrella stroller is probably perfect for you. The mesh seat is also highly breathable and extremely comfortable for your little one-- although not quite ideal for kids once they hit that 55 pounds mark.

This stroller weighs in at about 5 pounds and has a very convenient mesh storage basket at the back. Is it the best stroller on the market? Not quite. And the price might be a little steep. Nevertheless, this lightweight umbrella stroller is impressive in its own right. 

Umbrella Stroller Shopper's FAQ:

What is an umbrella stroller for?

The main duty of an umbrella stroller is to fill in for quick trips in which you would rather not be, or physically are unable to, carry your child. Other than the very high-end stroller options, you do not want to be using these as your full-time stroller, but they are foldable, easy to carry, and way more convenient on many occasions than bringing your bulky, usual stroller.

What is an umbrella stroller?

Basically, it is a lightweight stroller with hook-shaped handles, like an umbrella. They provide a convenient alternative to your usual stroller.

When can you start using an umbrella stroller?

Most umbrella strollers are designed for babies of about 6 months or older. Some are adaptable for newborns, but do not try to use a standard umbrella stroller for a younger, smaller baby unless it is a model which specifically states that it is meant to accommodate your little one. The security of any baby over 6 months will not be compromised by an umbrella stroller, though their comparatively minimalist design does not provide as rigorous of a defense as many bulkier stroller types.

Which umbrella stroller reclines the most?

Often, the more money you spend, the more special features and options your umbrella stroller will have. As you can see, on this list, the Maclaren Techno XT offers the widest range of reclining positions. Follow us and stay tuned, however, as we are always reviewing new products and informing you about the best baby supplies on the market!

Are umbrella strollers necessary?

Considering "necessary" is a strong word, the answer is probably "no." If you have a regular stroller, you do not "need" an umbrella stroller. The fact of the matter is, however, that many of them are quite affordable and they make parenting much easier! If you are going for a quick trip, a nice walk, or if any other occasion arises in which you don't want to lug around a heavier, bulkier stroller, they provide you with a perfect alternative.

Can a 5-month old use an umbrella stroller?

For many strollers, the answer is probably. Now, some umbrella strollers are very strict about their 6-month guideline, but we all know that different babies grow at different rates, and some are larger at 5-months than others. Make sure that there are no major restrictions or specific limits provided by the company, however, if you feel compelled to try. The last thing you want is to sacrifice the security of your baby for the sake of convenience. Plus, some strollers with adjustable seats are specifically designed to accommodate smaller and younger babies, such as the Techno XT, which can even be used as a stroller for newborns!

If you are curious about the best baby gear on the market, make sure to follow us so you don't miss any more of our reviews! Let us know what you think!

Janice Warren

Janice is a full-time writer at Infantcore, writing about her experiences as mother of 4.

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