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Best Bath Toys For 9 Month Old

Last Updated January 17, 2021

By  Janice Warren

Bath time can be very stressful for parents, but with the proper bath toys, your baby can be happy even while bathing. Is your baby a 9-month-old? the baby bath toys discussed should be one of the essentials in your home. Although, it has become hard for many to lay their hands on the very best baby bath toys for their kids, as you may know, you need a safe and cleanable toy for your kids. In this article, we will discuss in details how you can get the best bath toys for your 9-month-old baby.

Criteria For Selecting The Best Bath Toys For 9 Month Old

Getting the best bath toys for 9-month-old is easy if you consider the following criteria before buying. They include:

Safety: the safety of the toy you are buying is very important. Most safe toys are safe to use if you follow the manufacturer’s guideline strictly. It is best to search for ones that don’t retain water. Get a solid toy that is either made with open one-piece construction or those that are sealed off completely.

Educational Value: If you are getting a bath toy for your baby, getting ones with educational value is very important. Baby start learning from an early age, so giving them toys that aid learning is very important.

Sensory experience: it is important to consider the use of toys that will benefit your baby. Healthy development is aided by the use of toys that encourage sensory play. You can get bath toys with different textures, colours, and sounds, these are some of the things to look out for when getting toys with sensory experience.

Versatility: Can it be played with in just a single way? If yes, it is not the best for your kids. Look for toys that can be played with in multiple ways. Development and entertainment are guaranteed when you get versatile bath toys.

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10 Best Bath Toys For 9 Month Old

#1. O Ball Wind ‘N Swim Turtle Bath Toy

The wind-up fin of the toy makes it easier for the toy to swim in water while bathing your baby. It comes with a shell that your baby can easily grasp and hold. It is BPA free making it perfect for your baby. The Oball turtle brings the perfect fun to your 9 month old while bathing and get their hearts off crying. It has several amazing colours and very affordable for all parents.

O Ball Wind 'N Swim Turtle Bath Toy

#2. Munchkin Float and Play Bubble Bath Toy

This toy comes in four counts and makes bath time perfect for your 9 month old. This toy helps in teaching coordination of both the hand and the eye. The toy is designed in such a way that your baby can easily handle and grasp it with ease. It can easily be dried up after use. Bubbles float in the water with textured rings moving around the bubbles easily, and it is a Mold free toy.

Munchkin Float and Play Bubble Bath Toy

#3. Beiens Baby Bathing Toys

A perfect toy designed for babies of 9 months old and above, suitable both for boy and girl. It is a 6 floating soft rubber animal water tub toy. It perfectly safe and comes with a 100% guarantee of being harmless for your baby. The bath toy is BPA free, and FDA approved. It has an educational advantage and the entertainment delivered is highly unmatched. The toy carries colourful animations, unique designs, and perfect sizes. It contains Starfish, Walrus, Tortoise, Octopus, and Sharks.

Beiens Baby Bathing Toys

#4. Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy

This Flow N Fill Spout with 3 stackable cups and the automated spout is another great toy for your 9 month old baby. It offers a variety of options for your baby while taking his bath. Since the endless stream is created with the toy, your baby can have hours of fun filled time both while bathing and after. Each tumbler can be used individually or stacked up together. It offers amazing developmental benefit for your baby as it promotes sensory development. Your baby can easily operate and play with the toy.

Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy

#5. Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

The swimming penguin bath toy is a great option for all kids of 6 months and above. It has a wind-up arm and release that enables the penguin to swim through water. The lightweight makes it easier for your baby to handle the toy easily. this toy also encourages imaginative play and improve your baby audio, visual, and hand-eye coordination. Perfect and safe for our baby of 9 month and above.

Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

#6. Hommate Bath Toys

This toy is suitable for toddlers and older. The toy is designed to hold water and enable your kids to lay their hands on the toy and enjoy playing with them. The toy helps them improve their creativity, interaction, imagination and motor skills. It is safe and good for your 9 month old since it is a BPA free toy. It contains a waterwheel flower bath toy, mini sprinkler, and two cups. Installation and drying after usage are very easy.

Hommate Bath Toys for Toddlers

#7. The First Year Disney Baby Bath Toys, Finding Nemo

Each pack of this toy contains 3 squirt toys, they all carry colourful designs which will visually engage your baby. It has compact sizes and can easily fit into your baby hands. The package includes Nemo, Dory, and Turtle squirt toys. This is also highly recommended for your 9 month old as it helps improve their coordination skills. If you want the fun-filled and happy bath time, then the first year Disney bath toy is a great option for you.

The First Year Disney Baby Bath Toys, Finding Nemo

#8. Munchkin Baby Bath Ball

The Munchkin Baby Bath Ball is another great option for your 9 month old. It comes in various captivating and amazing colour. This toy keeps your baby entertained throughout the period of bathing. The design which has a soft and the holed top makes it easier for your baby to handle the toy. The size makes it easier for the toy to float on water and also roll on land when needed. It is best used under parent supervision.

Munchkin Baby Bath Ball

#9. iPlay, iLearn Baby Bath Toys

This toy adds fun to bath time. The toy has been tested and declared fit and safe by CPSC. It contains seven pieces of bath toys, the toys squirt bubbles and can float on the water making the bath time fun time. The set includes a swimming sea turtle, water spraying fish with a rattle, water spraying octopus, and 4 ocean theme stacking cups. It provides your kids with the basic and early education they need; one thing is assured the quality is unmatched.

iPlay, iLearn Baby Bath Toys

#10. Gearroot Baby Bath Toy

This is a bubble machine bath toy that makes bubbles for toddlers while bathing. It is suitable for your 9 month old baby and those above. It comes with three pieces of suction cups and carries the best quality. This toy is safe for kids as it is both non-toxic and BPA free. It has no rough edge, burr, and safe for kids to play with under little or no supervision. It is one of the best gift choices for parents.

Gearroot Baby Bath Toy


Your baby deserves to have a happy start to life, with bath toys, this can be accomplished. In this article, we have discussed 10 great bath toys you can buy for your 9 month old. We have also discussed the criteria to consider before making a purchase and how you can end up with the very best. The Munchkin baby bath ball is the most affordable of all discussed in this review. For versatility, you have several options, but the Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy is one of the best options you have. The iPlay iLearn bath toy is another great option as it offers a variety of toys for your baby. Whichever you pick from the above list, be sure that it will keep your baby entertained.

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