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TR0501B Oral Care Rabbit 1pk Blue

Suitable 12+ MonthsSkin SoftSelf Sterilising94 percent acceptanceBPA BPS Free

Price: 6.50

MAM Medical Experts agree. They recommend regular oral care right from birth. Not only to move bacteria but also to gradually get babies used to a regular brushing routine.
Therefore, MAM designers have developed the innovative Oral Care Rabbit.

From a very early age it is good for babies if some of the loving attention they are given is devoted to the lips and the gums. This way, they learn about feeling and that oral care is simply a part of everyday life.
The MAM Oral Care Rabbit is ideal for the first step. It cleans babies mouth and removes plaque and bacteria right from the start.

Simply slip your index finger in one of the ears and go!

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TR0501B Oral Care Rabbit 1pk Blue TR0701B Bite & Brush Teether 1pk

Great product for baby's gums.