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SSB2202G 2x Clip 2pk Pink - NEW DESIGN

Suitable from birthBPA BPS Free

Price: 5.15

Thanks to the extra light weight MAM Clip, soothers stay clean and always at hand.
This pack of 2 clips are ideal for making sure soothers stay clean and are ready to use when needed. The clips fit all soother types and offer flexible attachment with a quick and easy velcro fastening.

The clip fastener offers a sliding mechanism for one handed operation and is quick and easy thanks to the wide opening.
The soft ribbon is a baby safe length, washable and durable.
The velcro fastener means the clip is compatible with ring soothers, teethers and more!
The clip should only be attached to garments.

The clip fastener should always be stored and cleaned in the open position to avoid the clip spring losing its strength. Do not store in the closed position.

Regularly clean the clip with warm water and mild cleaning agent. Rinse thoroughly.

DO NOT BOIL, steam or microwave sterilise.

Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaning agents as these could damage the product.

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FB0902 TRY ME Bottle & Soother SSB2202G 2x Clip 2pk Pink - NEW DESIGN

Clips onto clothes and stays attached even when my little one tugs at it the dummy usually pops out of her mouth instead

Product: Nature Soother 6+m 2pk - colour choice: Pink/Grey SR3202E/P SSB2202G 2x Clip 2pk Pink - NEW DESIGN

Does the job perfectly and is helpful being a two pack