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SR3312B Night Soother 6+m 2pk Blue

Suitable 6+ MonthsGlows in the DarkSkin SoftSelf Sterilising94 percent acceptanceClinically ProvenBPA BPS Free

Price: 6.39

Button glows in the dark - easy to find for parents and babies
MAM Night soothers glow extra bright at night time, making them easy to find in the dark with little disturbance to your little one. The MAM SkinSoft® teat feels completely familiar with a proud 94% acceptance rate* and is designed with a symmetrically shaped teat, meaning they are always in the right position. Because babies grow quickly, MAM Soothers come in three different sizes that are ideal for healthy jaw and teeth development. Packed in the convenient Steriliser box, our MAM Soothers are great for parents on the go as they can sterilised anywhere.

*Market Research: 2010-2018, tested with 1,383 babies.

Watch our video for more information on how to Self Sterilise MAM Soothers in the microwave!
Skin-friendly shield thanks to big air holes and unique MAM dimples on the inside and curved for maximum comfort.
Quick & easy to grasp button for easy attachment of a clip.
Shield is a symmetric shape, and always fits perfectly in babyies mouth. Designed with dentists for a healthy dental development.

MAM Microwave Steriliser and Travel Box - For 2 soothers – just add water, insert soother and microwave!
Soothers kept in unopened box stay sterile for min. 48 hours.

To ensure safety and hygiene, replace the soother every 1-2 months.

INSPECT CAREFULLY BEFORE EACH USE. Pull the soother in all directions, and throw away at the very first signs of damage or weakness.

Please carefully read and follow all the manufacturer's instructions provided.

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FB0002B Bottle Handles 2pk Blue FT0302 Cross Cut Teat (Size X) 2pk SR3312B Night Soother 6+m 2pk Blue

These really glow and make it so much easier to find in the night. Better than any other night time soother.

SR3312B Night Soother 6+m 2pk Blue Product: Clear Soother 6+m 2pk - colour choice: Green/Clear SR2502/G SC0202C Tommys Rainbow 6+m Soother + Clip pk

Easy to find in dark and nice design

SR3602B Yummy Soother 6+m 2pk Blue Product: Nature Soother 6+m 2pk - colour choice: Blue/Grey SR3202E/BG SR3312B Night Soother 6+m 2pk Blue - NEW DESIGNS

My baby loves their dummies and would always recommend. A brilliant idea to have them glow in the dark rather than rummaging around in the dark trying to find a lost dummy! You can also easy spot on the baby monitor