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GP0014B Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set Blue

Suitable from birthTeat 1Skin SoftSelf Sterilising94 percent acceptanceVery Easy CleaningClinically ProvenBPA BPS Free

Price: 28.00

Gold Winner
2018 Mother & Baby awards
Best product for bottle feeding

Silver Winner
2018 Made for Mums Awards
Best Bottle - Easy Start Anti Colic

20% OFF SAVE £7 Normal RRP £35

Ideal for On the Go
Every day baby life is easy with the MAM Self Sterilising Anti-Colic bottle. The bottle reduces colic and sterilises itself. Enjoy 80%* less colic thanks to the smart base ventilation. Easy switching between mum and MAM thanks to the distinct teat and practical self-sterilisation thanks to technical design.This smart bottle ensures that from now on parents are mobile, the MAM Self Sterilising Anti-Colic bottle sterilises itself. Simply heat in the microwave with water and it’s done. Whether on holiday or visiting friends, the smart Anti-Colic bottle is ready for use. Babies enjoy feeding from the Anti-Colic because the bottle ensures that the feed flows smoothly. This means that babies don’t swallow any air and colic is reduced.

* Market research USA 2010 n=35 / Field study Austria 2011, n=73

25% OFF SAVE £8.75 Normal RRP £35

Pack Contents:
4 x Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles 160ml with Slow Flow teats
4 x Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Bodies 260ml
1 x Start Soother
1 x Extra Soft Bottle Spout
1 x Hold my Bottle Handles
4 x Sealing discs

25% OFF SAVE £8.75 Normal RRP £35
Making your Life Easier with MAM's Self-Sterilising Function
Life with a baby can be quite stressful. This is why the MAM Self Sterilising Anti-Colic bottle is the ideal support. Its sterilising function ensures that it is ready for everything: visiting relatives, travelling or meeting friends. The smart bottle is sterilised in an instant; simply heat in the microwave for three minutes with a little water and it’s ready to use. No additional product, no chemical additives – that’s how easy sterilisation can be. Peace of mind for parents and an ideal start in life for babies

94% Acceptance rate
The MAM Skin Soft Teat has all the advantages of standard silicone – the clear material looks hygienic, it's odourless and tasteless and it doesn't age. It is extra-soft thanks to technology designed by the MAM Design Studio for MAM baby feeding bottles. Babies love the smart Skin Soft Teat because it feels so soft and familiar, just like a mother's skin. This makes the switch between bottle and breast especially easy, so babies are able to relax from day one. Thats why all MAM silicone soothers, bottles and nipple shields (for short-term breastfeeding help) are equipped with the Skin Soft Teat. According to market research, 94%* of babies accept MAM teats.

* Market research 2009–2014, tested with 1,349 babies

The Patented Vented Base
The patented vented base of the MAM anti-colic bottle, ensures that babies can drink calmly and relaxed. The ventilation holes in the base regulate pressure balance and airflow, and as the bottle ventilates via the bottom, milk flows undisturbed without air bubbles – feeding without interruption.

Increased Air Flow
Market research and medical studies suggest that the vented base reduces colic symptoms in 80%* of babies who use it. The result means no more air swallowing, more relaxed drinking and more quiet nights.

* Market research USA 2010 n=35 / Field study Austria 2011, n=73

MAM Teats Come in Five Sizes
MAM teats are available in Size 1 (Slow Flow) for birth onwards. Size 2 (Medium Flow) for two months onwards. Size 3 (Fast Flow) for four months onwards. A Non-Spill teat, for older babies who are attempting to self feed. And Size X (Cross Cut) for six months onwards and for thicker liquids. MAM teats are interchangeable with all bottles in the MAM range. Ages listed are only suggestions, as all babies grow at different rates; if you notice that your baby is trying to suck harder to get their milk more quickly, or shows signs of tiredness or frustration while feeding, it is probably time to move on to a faster flow rate.

Please carefully read and follow all the manufacturer's instructions provided.

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GP0014B Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set Blue

Sper bir rn seti, tm ihtiyalar karlyor

GP0014B Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set Blue

MAM bottles are great realy helped with my sons colic

GP0014B Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set Blue FT1202 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) 2pk

Just bought these to add to my collection of mam bottles. Baby is 4 months old and I never tried any other brand because he's fine with these. Biggest plus for me is the fact that I can sterilise in the microwave, which we can do when we are out :)

GP0014B Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set Blue NEW 2017 FB0902 TRY ME Bottle & Soother

I ordered the Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set Blue NEW 2017. Its a nice set good quality. Love the colour and pattern. Perfect for 3 week old little boy :)