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FT0402 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) NON SPILL 2pk

Suitable 4+ MonthsTeat 4Skin Soft94 percent acceptanceClinically ProvenBPA BPS Free

Price: 5.25

- This non-spill teat does not drip, ideal for the first independent drinking attempts.
- Suitable for older/larger babies with a strong suck.
- Fast flow
- Suitable from 4+ months
- Particularly suitable for breast milk
- Symmetric shape - always fits perfectly in babies mouth
- For use with all MAM Bottles

The MAM Skin Soft Teat has all the advantages of standard silicone - the clear material looks hygienic, it's odourless and tasteless and it doesn't age. It is extra soft thanks to technology designed by the MAM Design Studio for MAM baby feeding bottles. Babies love the smart Skin Soft Teat because it feels so soft and familiar, just like a mother's skin. This makes the switch between bottle and breast especially easy, so babies are able to relax from day one. Thats why all MAM silicone soothers, bottles and nipple shields (for short-term breastfeeding help) are equipped with the Skin Soft Teat. According to market research, 94%* of babies accept MAM teats.

*Market research 2009-2017, tested with 1,508 babies.

MAM Teats Come in Five Sizes
MAM teats are available in Size 1 (Slow Flow) for birth onwards. Size 2 (Medium Flow) for two months onwards. Size 3 (Fast Flow) for four months onwards. A Non-Spill teat, for older babies who are attempting to self feed. And Size X (Cross Cut) for six months onwards and for thicker liquids. MAM teats are interchangeable with all bottles in the MAM range. Ages listed are only suggestions, as all babies grow at different rates; if you notice that your baby is trying to suck harder to get their milk more quickly, or shows signs of tiredness or frustration while feeding, it is probably time to move on to a faster flow rate.

Check teat carefully before each use, especially when the child has teeth. Pull the teat in all directions and throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.

Please carefully read and follow all the manufacturer's instructions provided.

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FB0602G Easy Active Baby Bottle 330ml 2pk Lilac NEW DESIGNS FT0402 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) NON SPILL 2pk

Brilliant teats. Naturally shaped non spilling

FB0902 TRY ME Bottle & Soother FT0402 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) NON SPILL 2pk

The non spill feature completely prevented my daughter from drinking any milk. She sucked on the bottle for half an hour and got less than an ounce of milk

FT0402 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) NON SPILL 2pk FB0403U Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle 160ml 3pk White Product: Perfect Night Soother 0+m 1pk - colour choice: White Clouds SR3821/W

This is a re-order as we continue to use mam bottles over the last 2 years in our household.

FT0402 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) NON SPILL 2pk FBG002U Feel Good Glass Bottle 170ml 1pk White PART3 Bottle Bases PART1 Bottle Valve Spare 1pk

The teat is quite hard for baby

FT0402 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) NON SPILL 2pk

You have 2 different types of number 3 teets just so happens I ordered the incorrect ones as this isnt clear. The ones I received are not fast flow and restricted my baby getting any milk as they were non spill?!?! If a bay cant get any milk what is the point of this product??

DC0601 Sports Cup 330ml 1pk Blue/Pink/Green FT0402 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) NON SPILL 2pk

Had to get a replacement teat as one of ours had turned in onits self

FT0202 Medium Flow Teat (Size 2) 2pk FT1202 Fast Flow Teat (Size 3) 2pk FT0402 NON SPILL Teat 2pk

Mam bottles are great I used them with all my children and never any issues with colic or winding them.