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FB0004 Soft Bottle & Teat Brush


Clean baby bottles without scratches! The innovative Soft Brush makes this a simple reality. The soft bristles flexibly adapt to different bottle forms. The teat brush with its structured surface thoroughly cleans the teat on the inside. A real innovation which makes cleaning baby bottles and teats childs play.

- The innovative extra soft bristles flexibly adapt to different bottle forms.
- Large hanging hole for easy storage and drying.
Inspect the bottle brush before each use and discontinue use at the first signs of damage or weakness. Defective brushes can damage bottle and teat.

To ensure hygiene, rinse the bottle brush thoroughly after use and let it dry in a well-aired place.

For disinfection wash with detergent and warm water.

The bottle brush can be placed in a dishwasher (cutlery or top rack) at low temperatures (~ 60°C).

Do not use aggressive cleaning agents.

Food colourings may discolour the bottle brush.

Do not boil, steam or microwave sterilise. Otherwise deformation of bristles can occur.

Suitable for cleaning all bottles and teats.

The Soft Brush is also especially suitable for cleaning MAM Cups.

Please carefully read and follow all the manufacturer's instructions provided.

FB0004 Soft Bottle & Teat Brush

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