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DC0702G Starter Cup 150ml 1pk Pink & 0+m Soother NEW DESIGN


Suitable 4+ MonthsSkin SoftBPA BPS Free
The Starter cup is especially small and cute!

To help baby switch from bottle to cup MAM designers, in close cooperation with developmental specialists have developed this cute little cup with extra soft spill free spout allowing baby to control the flow rate at their own pace.

Its lightweight ergonomic design with non-slip handles makes it easy and comfortable for baby to hold. The handles are also compatible with all MAM Cups.

Also included is a MAM 0+M soother.
To ensure proper cleaning/sterilising all cup parts MUST be disassembled before cleaning. Cleaning/sterilising while assembled can damage the cup.

All parts are top rack dishwasher safe (up to 65°C). Food colourings may discolour components.

Clean the mouthpiece of the spout with special care to prevent damaging the membrane.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Only soft bristle brushes or soft sponges should be used.

Sterilise using one of the following methods: steam sterilising (electric or microwave according to manufacturers instructions), boiling in water for at least 5 minutes or liquid sterilising solution. After boiling or sterilising allow all parts to cool.

Please carefully read and follow all the manufacturer's instructions provided.

DC0702G Starter Cup 150ml 1pk Pink & 0+m Soother NEW DESIGN

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