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CU0902 Baby's Bowl & Plate Blue/Pink/Green


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Suitable 6+ MonthsBPA BPS Free
Helps promote babys development. Bowl is sized especially for babies to avoid excessive portions. Trains the pincer grasp when picking up food, which
promotes baby’s fine motor skills.
Learning step by step:
1st step: The plate keeps Baby’s Bowl stable and prevents it from tipping too easily.
2nd step: Individual use - the Plate now works as a proper dish too.
The Plate’s non-slip bottom makes learning to eat easy for babies, whereas the deeper bowl makes scooping easier.
Dishwasher-safe to 65°C in top rack. Although food colourants may discolour the baby‘s bowl and plate.

Not boiling water-safe, not sterilizable.

Freezable to –30°C.


CU0902 Baby's Bowl & Plate Blue/Pink/Green

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